My business day revolves around your projects

Hi, I’m Cindi. I’m a full-time lifestyle writer for hire in Condon, OR, Pendleton, OR, and Hermiston, OR, but most of my work is done remotely for people all over the US and around the world. Since I’m full-time, I have hours to dedicate to your projects. I’m available from 9-5pm (PST/PDT), Monday through Friday. My workday is centered around your projects and crushing those deadlines.

Specializing in health & wellness, fitness, meditation, mindfulness, CBD, and gaming, I write articles and blog posts that help companies connect meaningfully with consumers. Check out my portfolio to see the quality of my work!

I write health and wellness articles that touch on the importance of exercise, meditation, healthy lifestyle changes, food, and supplements. I believe CBD oils and tinctures are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

lady hands over laptop keyboard to signify a writer
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You need a writer that will…

  • listen to what you need instead of talking over you about what they can do
  • follow your project criteria
  • meet agreed-upon deadlines
  • be available to YOU during the workday instead of giving first priority to the boss of their day job

Message me about your content needs and let’s explore what we can do together to increase your readership and boost your bottom line.

Hearing-Impaired Accommodation

Bringing new meaning to “loud and proud!” I am hearing-impaired, so email or text works best for me.

The bonus is that since most everything is in writing, there are fewer misunderstandings and you get a fast response. If email isn’t quick enough for you, text is great! If you are texting me for the first time, please tell me your name and company, so that I know who I’m talking with and can add you to my contacts.